Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Coyote Hill MTB Race

I noticed nobody had put a race report up yet for Coyote Hill. We had six racers flying the IBC colors (this was two weeks ago, I think?). Thom, Linnea, and Colin (and possibly George?) were there on Saturday rocking the short-track and the hill climb, while Rachel and I showed up Sunday to join these crazy folks for the regular race. Coyote Hill is awesome, the course is almost all singletrack, and it was built with bikes in mind, which is a great change from random singletrack that bikes are allowed on. It was hot, but it wasn't too brutal, and it was nice spectating weather, which always makes for a good day. I won't report on other people's races, but I think they went well, we had a bunch of podium appearances.

My race went significantly better than my race here last year, which was my first MTB race ever, and probably the fifth time I'd ever ridden that mountain bike, which came after a very long hiatus after my first mt bike was stolen. Long story short, last year I endoed twice in my warmup, four times in the race, hit two trees, and crashed rather painfully off a bridge. Suffice it to say I was not smiling at the end. Anyway, this year was great. I only crashed once in my warmup, stayed upright on all the bridges, and had multiple instances during the race when I found myself thinking, "this is FUN!" Now thats the way a race should be!

I guess if I rode my bike more these things would get easier, but at least I snuck onto the podium this time, second overall and second in my age class. Yes, there were more than two of us!



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