Monday, June 30, 2008

Master's Road Nationals TT

Boy there are some serious TT types who show up at the nationals (Duh.)  More bike bling than you ever did see, honey.  It was about 65 and raining moderately when we went off.  The course was a 38k out and back along the Ohio River on the Indiana side.  Pretty flat but just enough rises that if you didn't watch it you'd be up 100-150 watts w/o realizing it.  This was a long TT for me so I was concerned about not burning too many matches early.  I went out about 10 watts below threshold and was surprised how fast the turnaround point came up.  That gave me the confidence to crank it up a bit for the return trip. The rain cleared on the way back and we were lucky to go out early because the afternoon runs must have been brutal with 20 mph winds.  I got passed at the 8 mile point, but then passes two riders almost right away.  On the way back, I got passed twice but also passed one or two riders.  Don't know where I finished, but whatever it was, I'll be happy.  I'm sure no natural TTer.  25 mph average over 38K.  I was so sore on my sit bones and glutes that I almost couldn't get in my car.  I scarfed down 4 Aleve (I know Marvin, that's two many,) sat on an ice bag (not comfortable,) and took a nap.  Hoping to be able to sit on the bike tomorrow.  Wednesday is RR.  Julie Lockhart was the only 65+ entry, so I'm assuming she has another jersey.

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