Sunday, June 22, 2008

IBC Women's Track Clinic

Julie seems to be too busy to do this, so I will.  We had a great time up in Londonderry this Thursday.  About a dozen women from a variety of clubs and locations ranging from Boston to Montpellier, VT showed up to get a taste of track racing.  Mark Bowen of NEBC and NEV led the instruction and shortly had everyone feeling pretty comfortable on their brakeless, fixed gear bikes.  Mike Troisi and I helped out.  Once we had the rules of track racing down, we started racing.  We ran a scratch, points, miss and out, match sprint, and an australian pursuit.  Everyone seemed to have a great time and we had a hard time getting them off the bikes.  But after 3 hours of racing, we fired up the grill and that did the trick.  I've attached a picture of the track bike I put together as a loaner just to give you a look at what was considered the prettiest bike of the evening.  Giulia was the lucky rider.

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