Monday, October 20, 2008

Canton Cup

This past Sunday was the Canton Cup, which IBC sponsored along with NAV. There were a whole bunch of us racing and even more volunteering, a good turnout! I heard there was a good crew setting up on Saturday, and Sunday had a good turnout as well! Forgive me if I miss anyone, but on Sunday we had Julie, Giulia, Missy, Mike, John F, CTodd, John W, Colin, Linnea, and Alex racing, with John L and Thom helping out and cheering. Everything went super smoothly, and I know I REALLY appreciated the warm chili and the hotdog from the food guy. The weather was just starting to feel like 'cross weather, a little nippy for sitting around but just perfect for riding bikes! I'm glad I brought a blanket...

If you're interested in a good race report, Colin attached a video camera to his seat, so you can see all the pain faces of the riders behind him in the race. Genius!