Monday, May 12, 2008

Masters 45+ Adventures in Sterling

Doug should be writing this as he finished highest and was at the front more than me.  But, as this blog is my doing, I figure I'll work at keeping it up to date.  We were scheduled for 5 laps but they tacked an extra lap on at the start just to remind us how old we are. Kristen has a mean streak in her.  

The promoter had us leaving 20 minutes after the 35's, which is about the time it takes to do a lap, so it was no surprise when the asst. ref. pulled us over after the first hill to let the 35's ride through.  Mike Harris described the race as a crit on a road course.  I think that is pretty accurate.  It was fast, most laps were 24+ mph and there were not the usual moments when everyone sits up.  

Doug got away with Eric Pierce and Dave Kellogg with 4 to go, but got caught.  Pierce and Kellogg and a Battenkill United fellow went off again and Doug, unfortunately missed the second move.  Doug, Brett, Brian, and I moved to the front and attempted to chase but got zero, nada, zilch help from anyone else.  At two to go I moved back a tad to rest up for one to go. Brian killed himself chasing.  

Doug was 18th, I was 21st.  The rest of us down from there.  Too bad, we had good presence but, frankly, it was a fast race. Good fun, though.  I almost passed due to strained hamstrings and they kept me from hitting the final sprint as hard as I would have liked.  But I'm glad I went. Life w/o bike racing is a bit dull.

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