Sunday, May 18, 2008

CTodd seen racing...a BIKE!


Yes. It is true. My running shoes are getting less and less use these days. I raced Wells Ave. for the 3rd time this morning. Unlike Mike, John and Marvin, I was too chicken to race the A field. I saw the Slipstream kit and became a wuss. (OK, really I didn't have the time...) Considering my training consists of an occaional run and a 25 mile (one way) commute to work on the nice-weather days, I have very little mileage in my legs and no "real" training.

Intensity? You're funny!

30 minute intervals? Are you kidding me?!

The B race was probably the largest field I've seen at Wells Ave: 100 riders or more. They said it was "full" and they weren't kidding. I started at the back with Ms. Giulia and soon realized just how many people there were in this field! Hannah-bannana and Julie-your-cruise-director rounded out the IBC representation.

Since I was near the back - I started clawing my way up to the front. Once there, the competitive instinct takes over. Who cares if I haven't been training? Somehow, I had the juice to chase down a break or three as well as try twice (thrice?) to attack and make a break. After each attempt I hid in the middle of the pack to recover. This B race was a little faster than the typical B race. Typically B races are ~24mph. Today we were ranging 24-28mph with the occasional 22mph post-prime lull. The last 5 laps were 28-30mph though. We were cookin'. With gas!

Mysteriously, I had myself setup pretty well on those last few laps. Coming into the home stretch I was maybe 5th or 7th wheel with a perfect line on the inside.

Remember the part about no intensity and no intervals?


About 60 meters from the line my legs quit..


..and I floundered across the line somewhere in the top 15 or so. Maybe top 20. Maybe not. Who's counting anyway? Its just Wells Ave!

I guess I should start training, huh?

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Steve G. said...

CTodd, I was in the B's also. Not having a kit yet allows me to be somewhat stealthy. It was a good group Sunday and I'm glad there were a few teams keeping the pace high most of the time. I like to use this race as sprint training and go for every prime I'm capable of. I think because Troisi wasn't there it allowed me to taking 3 out of 4 primes and then got nipped at the line for 4th overall. Not sure how many more times I'll make it to Wells with track season officially starting next week. But if I do I'll be sure to say hello.
-Steve G