Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Track Camp - San Jose

Awesome camp. Awesome group. IBC Trackies in attendence were Greg Pelletier, Steve Gauthier, and me. Couldn't have asked for a better group to work with.
Friday - we did a bunch of jumps, starts and some intervals late in the afternoon. Steve Hill (Masters World Champ & Elite Kilo Champ) took the time to talk and I, for one, love his stories. He can be hilarious and he's a great story teller.
In the evening, we got together at On the Border restaurant to go over his Mental Training presentation. While I won't share anything on this blog, you've got to show up at a camp to listen to this one. I can say that it's making a huge difference in the way I think (and I thought I was pretty good at it before....) :D
Saturday - we all went to Gold's Gym in San Jose. They have this wood/rubber platform for olympic style lifting, sweet! We all went through the lifts. I've picked up some tips on how to improve my form as well.
In the afternoon, we did a bit of intervals. In the night, we had pizza while Steve talked about sprints training. I can say that I've probably saved about 1/2 year of experience by just listening to him talk about tips, methods and strategies.
Sunday - we did motorpacing efforts and had lunch afterwards.
Weather was gorgeous.

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