Saturday, March 8, 2008

Retro gear to go with Golden Arrow

Most of you won't remember Grace Jones, but she had Diane Fortini's USCF job 20 odd years ago. She died of cancer several years ago.  She had a cycling clothing company called Jones Cyclewear.  They invented the skinsuit.  In any case, Grace's daughters have restarted the business as Jones wear, selling all wool clothing.   I got myself a pair of wool knickers and a jersey to wear w/ the Golden Arrow.  Here I am decked out in full retro gear, including Adidas toe stap cleated shoes.  The bike rides remarkably nicely.  Photo by Madeleine,

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grighi said...

I love the outfit and most of all the bike.
I should show you my 1970s Bottecchia that i bought from a guy in Cambridge. i had to deck it out with some newer part but i love it anyway!