Friday, March 21, 2008

Alex's ski season update

The snow is starting to melt, and the crocuses are popping up around Boston. This generally means that ski season is over and its time to start riding bikes. But not yet! One more race tomorrow before I let go of this awesome winter!

Since returning from Europe, I've been bouncing around New England like nobody's business. I did three marathons this year (ski marathons, that is), the Craftsbury Marathon (9th), Rangeley Marathon (5th), and Sugarloaf Marathon (1st). Those were hard, maybe three of them in one season was a little much. I got to be a wax tech at the J2 championships and the Eastern Highschool Championships as a CSU (Cambridge Sports Union) coach for the state of Massachusetts, which was pretty cool. I did some more ski-o races round here, and cleaned up pretty well in those, too. The coolest race I've done post-Switzerland was the Ski to the Clouds race, which is a 10km freestyle race that finishes with 6km of climbing up the Mount Washington Auto Road. Coming down was... interesting! Enough words, I'll leave you with some pictures. Here's to sunny days!

This is the route up mt. Washington... coolest garmin picture ever!!

Winning the Sugarloaf marathon.

The point-to-point Craftsbury Marathon was probably the most difficult race I did all year in terms of conditions. I made some poor choices when it came to kick wax and struggled through 50km with no kick.

Instructing skiers at New England Women's XC Ski Day.

A little bit of this kind of skiing...

The goal of every coach should be to scare their skiers into looking possessed.

A PRO waxing setup.

Powering through to 7th place in this sprint race.

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