Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Snow Tires are on the Bike-are you ready?

I put the snow tires on the 'cross bike.  Did a couple of figure eights in the ice rink of a driveway that I currently have.  Worked surprisingly well.  Tomorrow's recovery ride will be attempted in the snow.  I'll get my wife to take an Arctic Explorer picture when I get back.   Hope I don't get hit by a car that can't stop.  At least in the snow, I can just bail out into the snowbanks.  It's no wonder you can't race 'cross with them.  The carbide studs would take half your calf off if you hit someone w/ 'em.  I had to take the fenders off, as the tires are too big.  But I ordered some Planet Bike Hybrid Cascadians which should work.  The long range forecast is not particularly encouraging.

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