Thursday, December 27, 2007

Riding in the Freezing Rain

I absolutely hate riding inside!  I also absolutely hate not riding.  So given the choices, I'm going to get wet, cold, and risk falling.  But the roads have been above freezing for a few days, so I think they will be just wet by noon not frozen.  My driveway and dirt road are skating rinks, so I have a 200 yd walk out to ridable conditions.  I ordered Kenda studded snow tires for my 'cross bike.  That will make this easier.  Here is a picture of my cross bike set up with fenders and Conti 4 seasons tires.  I'll be back when I'm thawed enough to type.
I'm back and it wasn't, too bad.  Just 25 miles, but it sleeted the whole way.  Feet were warm, hands, not so much.

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