Friday, December 28, 2007

Ski Racing Around the World

Well, this is a pretty big year for me in my skiing life.  I've decided to follow as many of the big races as I can afford to, starting over thanksgiving out in Montana.  The snow situation was iffy at first, and then we got a storm just in time for the big races.  I will admit I felt a little intimidated to be racing against all the big names that you read about online, and I let that affect my racing too much.  Next race, I'm coming into it with confidence!  After coming back from Montana, I headed up to Presque Isle, ME, for the first Eastern Cup of the season.  That went well, with a 7th place in the sprint and a 14th in the classic race (fields of ~70).  I'm currently in Rochester, NY at my parents' house, resting up before driving out with a friend to Houghton, MI for U.S. Nationals.  This should be an exciting week of racing, with everyone who is anyone showing up to race there. 
After nationals, I'm flying out to Switzerland for a World Cup in Ski-Orienteering.  This is another week of racing, and hopefully I won't get too lost in the woods.  Once I get back from that side of the Atlantic puddle, I'll hit up two more Eastern Cups in New England, as well as the Craftsbury Marathon, before possibly heading to the midwest for some more ski marathons.  If the stars align and I still have money at the end of this season, I'll be flying out to Fairbanks AK for the U.S. Long Distance Nationals. 
All in all, its a busy season with a lot of traveling, but so far its been a blast!  I'll keep you updated, or alternatively you can check my blog for updates.  Alex Jospe

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