Monday, August 11, 2008

Tokeneke Road Race - Women's open

Lizi & I did the Tokeneke Road Race in northwest CT, along with over 40 racers in the open women's category. We rode 2 laps of the 22mi relentlessly hilly loop, which has 2 particularly long climbs separated by a long & fast downhill, and then a deceptively subtle and painful rise to the finish. The first climb was set at a brisk pace, and Lizi and I advanced towards the front of the field to respond to any developing breaks. As we approached the feedzone/finish line, with fatigue in our legs suffered through the 2nd climb, 2 women from the Radical Media team attacked and broke away. Groaning, because I was quickly reminded that a similar move was made at that spot last year, I had to get around riders to close the gap. This move splintered the field, but Lizi and I managed to work with a few other women to chase them down. Although they were just up the road, we chased for what felt like forever, and finally after a long descent, I managed to close the gap. At this point we were 11 women-- Lizi & I, an IF rider, NEBC rider, 2 other ny riders, and then outnumbered by 5 Radical Media women. With little time to catch my breath, we made the right turn for the next climb. Lizi and I did a great job closing in on any jumps or gaps. Later on, a RM rider attacked and broke away and none of us were too enthusiastic or had much left to chase. But we motored, causing a few of us to get gapped, passed by the pace cars, but we managed to chase downhill and rejoin the field. Through the second climb, my legs cramped, and then cracked with less than 2 miles to go to the finish. I saw Lizi ahead, looking strong and climbing so beautifully! We both raced very well, with Lizi placing 6th and I placing 10th.

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