Monday, July 14, 2008

Attleboro Crit

So, Alex broke down and did a crit. And naturally, she had a lot of fun! The course isn't very technical, but it also isn't boring at all. Julie and Giulia came to pick me up (Lizi was traveling down separately with her superfans) at the ass crack of dawn, and we tried to get onto I-95 southbound... except we couldn't. Apparently an oil tanker exploded, closing the highway. I'll say in this case, that was a good decision. We got to the race with barely enough time to warm up on the course a bit.

The race started out, and we didn't have much of a plan, so I mostly just sat on the front because my brain doesn't function too well when I'm racing, and occasionally I would try and actually go fast, but that never really worked. I went for one prime, and discovered that I still can't sprint, so I just rode around on the front again and pulled the field some more. Then I managed to get myself boxed out on the hill on the last lap behind two girls who felt the need to exchange some words and elbows over some swerving, sprinted back up to the field, got ridden onto the sidewalk by the giant NEBCer, hopped back over the curb, sprinted down the hill to catch back on, and hit the final turn at the back of the pack. Girls start sprinting and its like I'm standing still, I might have even coasted over the line. But, Julie ended up 3rd! Go Julie!

Despite all that, I had a good time. Who'd'a thunk it?? I might be back to do another crit before the summer is up... but don't hold your breath! I can't break my streak of more than one race a year, after all...

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