Monday, April 28, 2008

Tour of Ephrata Stage 1

I couldn't make Sturbridge or Palmer as I was summoned to Swarthmore for a dance recital on Saturday night.  I did find a race: The Tour of Ephrata (Lancaster County, PA.)  Despite tweaking my hamstrings riding the old Raleigh, I drove out Sat morning for the road race stage.  My hamstrings hurt like hell during warm-up.  I stretched and felt a bit better and went for it.  Six laps of a 5 mile loop in Amish country.  I sat back feeling like I was going to abandon because of my hamstrings for the first lap and a 5 man break got away.  They were catchable, but the pack didn't want to.  On lap 3 we came around a corner to see a team of horses pulling a plow and a horse and buggy behind it.  Like I said Amish country.  I got tired of the pack pace and dragged it along for the last 2 laps.  With one K to go and an false flat into the wind finish, I took off, dragged 5 guys with me, dropped the pack and got passed at the finish.  I did them a favor.  The rest of the race finished 30 seconds behind us.  My hamstrings were so sore I abandoned Sunday's racing, which is too bad because the 10 mile hill climb TT would have suited me.  Oh well.  On ice packs as we speak.  Hope to be back on the bike by the weekend.  See you all at Jiminy.  I'm officiating.

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