Saturday, January 12, 2008

3 road boyz & 3 trackies round' the Res

50 degrees & wet & sandy roads....Perfect morning for a spin! The road boyz, Kevin, Richard & John, gathered at Richards in Bolton to log some extra milage over to my house in Lancaster. Trackies Mike, Greg P (future IBC trackie) & 55+ Gear Works track man, Greg B opting for the 2 hr ride. We decided to head counter clockwise around Wachusett Res (read...we need to keep this as flat as possible to have a chance to hang with the roadies) With Richard & Kevin on the front riding up the hill (500+w) towards our rte 12 destination the local Lancaster P.D. reminded us that we are to ride single file. Thanks...That took me outta the red zone & slowed the group down! We had a great ride with Richard, Kevin & John doing all the work guiding us around the Res at a somewhat reasonable pace. They were kind enough to wait at the top of the hills and let us take a few town lines along the way. I finshed at 222w normalized power with a max of 1502w / 133rpm's at the Sterling town line. Nice way to finish off my rest week! John, Kevin & Richard are heading for the hills tomorrow & heading up to Wachusett. Have fun guys, I'll be at Essential Therapies in Bolton getting my massage...

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